If you’re ready to change your mindset, take back control of your health and start a new chapter in your life, then let’s work together! You can either work with me online, in person or both!! Check out the options below.




This is a program  designed for the busy mom looking to lose fat without a complete lifestyle overhaul!  In this program, you will learn more about your body and what type of nutrition fits you BEST for optimal results.  You will take a metabolic quiz that will then match you with the nutrition guidance you need.  From there, you will get 5 full weeks of workouts laid out for you to follow each day to help you REALLY shed the fat!  By committing to just 5 weeks of The Fat Loss Project you can expect to drop pounds, lose inches and shed some body fat in all of the right places!

It’s a 5 week ‘DO THE WORK’ guarantee for amazing results with your health and fitness mindset!

You can gain access to THE FAT LOSS PROJECT by going HERE now!!!


 Each month I  open a limited number of personal clients.  Being a certified personal trainer and certified health coach, my hope is to be able to work closely with my clients to help them become masters of their lives.  I  want to empower you to make habit changes that will lead to long term results! 
You can apply HERE to for the opportunity to have a Total Transformation Breakthrough call!


I  help survivors love their new perfectly imperfect strength through food freedom and strategic movement.  If you are battling breast cancer or navigating your way through survivorship, I’VE BEEN THERE!  It can be confusing and frustrating to learn this new normal that you have been thrown into.  BUT you are not alone!  

Contact me to set up a discovery call! Between my health coaching and breast cancer experience, we will walk your treatment together or work through your survivorship journey. You will learn how to love the NEW you more than ever! 


Come visit me at Burn Boot Camp Prosper! Burn Boot Camp is one of the HOTTEST fitness facilities and is transforming communities nationwide and changing the way people think about fitness.  Through unparalleled community, unlimited one on one focus sessions with the trainers, and workout designed to maximize your results in just 45 minutes with an average burn of 700 calories per camp…your results will come naturally!

Visit our facility at BURN BOOT CAMP PROSPER for your free trial! 


Go HERE for more information on how to book for  speaking opportunities!