Daily Nutrition

In 2010, I was introduced to a product that was a game changer.  I had tried ALL the things prior to this…shakes, pills, diets, you name it.  THIS turned out to be my magic pill.  Not because of weight loss (which it did help with) but because of the shift in my health.  I had suffered from IBS for YEARS and was never really able to keep it at bay.  However, once I started drinking Shakeology every single day, I noticed that my symptoms started subsiding AND eventually went away completely.  Here I am a decade later and I STILL drink it! Through 2 pregnancies,  cancer treatments and daily life, this has been a pillar to my daily nutrition!!! 

Sure, you can make your own and get all the ingredients for it but I truly don’t want to!  I’d rather take one scoop of this and call it good 😉  

To commit to your health and order a 30 day supply of your own, go HERE!!!!  And if you want to learn how to get it at 25% off, contact me natalie@mythinkfit.com

Fre' Skin Care

Fre’ Skin Care line is a line made out of “admiration for active women…a drive to refresh the skincare industry and express positive social values all over the world, and the clear and obvious need for a line of facial skincare products that will take sweat and exercise-induced damages into account. After all, no woman wants her face to suffer for the sake of her body.” Their dermatologic scientist team team of dermatological scientists specializes in analyzing the effects of intense exercise, sweat, sun and outdoors conditions on facial skin. The Fre’ family of products addresses all of those needs and more. Not only have I loved their facial products but their newly released body line is AMAZING! It’s hard to nail down my favorite products from the line because they have ALL helped my skin recover and become smoother, brighter and healthier without harmful chemicals. 

Get your personalized discount here: https://www.freskincare.com/thinkfit use code THINKFIT at checkout!