The Cell

A premier one stop for the whole family in Prosper, TX

Hundreds of the current clients are looking better, feeling better, and performing better. Whether it’s just utilizing the equipment in the facility or being a regular in the group classes, many previously sedentary people are now competing in various races, figure competitions, NCAA sports, and more. Success is different for everyone and the people at The Cell totally work with you where you are to get you where you want to be! They truly want to know where you want to go, what levels you want to achieve, and will assist you in surpassing your set benchmark. It does not matter if it is one-on-one training or group exercise classes…they have options that will work for you!


4The Health Of It

Imagine if you could go to the doctor to determine what underlying health issues reside in your DNA so you could proactively take the steps to minimize your health risks. 4The Health of It is pioneering healthcare by combining primary care and customized preventive healthcare to help you achieve your optimal health. You will leave the office with a comprehensive understanding of your body along with a detailed wellness plan that targets and treats immediate issues, and best supports your total health.


Adorn by Maranda

Meal Prep by Maranda offers a whole body life style change. Maranda offers meal preparation to help alleviate some of the pain associated with healthy eating. The services are affordable and tailored to fit the needs of each individual client. There are a variety of meal prep options in regards to the number of meals, meal plans, family meals, pick-up and delivery options as well as instructor led DIY (do-it-yourself) meal preparation classes.

Don’t be fooled, summer bodies are made in the kitchen! Let Adorn by Maranda meal prep for you!