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After several years of helping hundreds of women on their weight loss journey and their search for self confidence and mental empowerment, I have designed a formula to help you succeed once and for all!  Your ONE STOP Fat Loss Shop is HERE through the MY THINK FIT SOCIETY.


As a member, you will gain access to a full 4 week workout program that is completely laid out for you (new workouts released monthly), a hub for additional metabolic workouts, a recipe page full of fat loss recipe links for you to enjoy and a private support group where I will be going live on a weekly basis.  

My Mission

I help women find their perfect fat loss solution through personal and simple metabolism strategies.  

My mission is to help every woman find the strength within them through fitness and mindset…we simply cannot  live a fit life without learning to THINK fit. I want you to gain the confidence you have always yearned for and I won’t stop until you feel empowered to see yourself for what you are worth! 

Who is the MyThinkFit Society Right For?

This is a PERFECT next step for those who have completed The Fat Loss Project and need a maintenance program to elevate results.  


Those who are looking for guidance to get going in a fitness regimen but aren’t sure how to get started.


Women who already have a great fitness routine going but are looking to add some variety


The busy gal who just needs workouts and nutrition guidance all in one place and easy to access!!!!


Why should you join MyThinkFit Society?

As a busy mom of 3 who doesn’t have time to do much for myself, I KNOW what you need!!!  Through training hundreds of women in person and online, I have gained the knowledge needed to help you with a simple strategy for MAXIMUM results.  This is a program I wish I would have had years ago to help me enhance my results and gain the confidence I was searching for! The value you will find from being a part of this society is unparalleled and the BEST resource to get you the results you are after!!!


What do you get?

For less than a dollar a day you will get:

*workouts laid out for you with full video demonstration and calendar…you can print or download for your convenience

*full workout video library with dozens of workout moves to incorporate into your routine

*recipe hub that will link you to tons of recipes to make your life more simple while eating for fat loss 

*link to blog where you can access all articles to help you on your fat loss journey 


*private online support group complete with other society members and weekly live interaction


Ready to Join?

Awesome!  Let’s do this… BETA PRICING OF $17 THROUGH 7/31. Price goes to $27 per month from 8/1


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