When Life Throws Curve Balls

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Some days life just seems to go along seamlessly…and others feel like you’re playing dodge ball with all of the obstacles being thrown at you.  Sound familiar?

Heck let’s just look at 2020 and anyone can relate!

  • We go away on Spring Break thinking life is just peachy then BAM, kids get what is supposed to be an ‘extended break’. CURVE BALL!
  • The break tends to take longer than expected and all of a sudden every mom in the country became a home school teacher without warning. CURVE BALL!
  • We thought it would just a be a short stent but it turned out to be MONTHS long.  CURVE BALL!
  • We couldn’t be around those we love and care about.  Stores closed, restaurants closed, churches closed. CURVE BALL!
  • Every camp and activity for the summer was closed or cancelled.  CURVE BALL!
  • Vacations and event after event CANCELLED. CURVE BALL!
  • School approaching and so many unknowns…do we send them?  Do we do virtual learning? Do we home school? CURVE BALL!

I  mean, I  could go on…

and share the personal curve balls thrown this year too, but I  think we get the point.  Life isn’t meant to be easy, we know we will struggle, but what do we do when it hits us?

Trudging along my breast cancer journey, I  almost felt like it was preparing me for what 2020 would bring. Afraid of health, isolation, sadness, unknown days, etc…it has been all too familiar.  What did my breast cancer journey teach me that has helped me with this year? There are four things that really stick out to me.

I realized that we ALL face battles. 

There are none more serious or real than the other.  In what ever manner YOU are handling life or struggles is REAL.  Don’t diminish your feelings or your situations.  Be real with them, share them , lean into them and know that what you are facing in your world is NO less than what anyone else is.

Know that it’s OK to NOT be ok!

We don’t have to be 100% sunshine and rainbows every single day.  Sometimes we need to feel the feelings.  Feel the sadness and the anger, cry it out, scream, do whatever you need to do. And then move on. Don’t unpack your bags and stay there but don’t beat yourself up and feel weak. We are human, we were made to feel the things, so just feel them! Be true to you.

Sometimes you have to just FAITH it until you make it.

Y’all there is NO way I  could have made it through without my faith.  It’s not about faking it…it’s about FAITHING IT. Sure you’ll stumble and fall, that’s life. But when you have a strong faith, there is NOTHING that will keep you down. Put on your armor and push through. 

I learned that we can’t wait for tragedy to strike before we start taking care of ourselves…physically and mentally. 

Before cancer, I  was already doing all I  could to be in great physical shape. I  was working out, eating right and doing all I  thought I  needed to do.  I  was also doing my personal growth and making sure to work on my mental aspect each day.  I  am so glad I had been working on my physical and mental muscles so that I  could flex them when needed and rest them when I  could.  Being in good ‘shape’ will help you fight the battles ahead.  It won’t be EASY but you’ll be more prepared to fight whatever comes your way.

Look, times are hard.  Life is hard.  Battles are hard.  But don’t give up.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet.  We’re all in this. Take the lessons and forge through because you never know what blessings can be on the other side!  

You can hear more on this from Episode 16 of Lifework:The Podcast

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