Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

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One of the MOST interesting things I  found when I  first started on my fat loss journey was learning what type of BURNER I  was.   Huh?? What’s that even mean?!?!  Don’t worry, I  know that sounds totally weird and may be completely foreign to you, but I  promise it starts to make sense!


I  mean you can do a simple equation and find out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to see the calories you burn at a total resting state, like laying on the couch and not moving.  And this is what MANY people use as a baseline in  order to figure out how many calories they need to be consuming each day and how much they should be burning in order to ‘lose weight’.  And yes, it works.  I  mean as a blanketed statement, when you consume less than you burn or when you burn more than you consume there is a DEFICIT and weight loss will occur, right?  But does that meant that you’re truly burning fat?


Here’s the deal, we are all different.  How your body works could be totally different than how my body works and my body works totally different than how my friend’s body works.  Sure we are all made the same but when you do some detective work, you’re going to find that you are a completely unique individual who has TONS of potential to turn your body into a total fat burning machine. But how do you do that?  How do you figure out what that looks like?

Throughout my studies on fat loss, I took part in a metabolic questionnaire that helped put everything into perspective and it was like light bulbs went off! When I  was able to learn not just how my body worked best but WHAT would help it even more…everything changed for me! 

Check it out for yourself and see by taking the SAME quiz HERE!!!! Once you complete it, you’ll get the full scoop to help you get your own personal fat loss journey kicked off 😉 

And make sure you join our online accountability community on Facebook!  All about learning to live a more balanced lifestyle in a perfectly imperfect way…totally private, totally supportive, totally for YOU!!!!  Click HERE to join! 

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