Summer Time Fat Burning Workout

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Summer time Fat Burning Workout that you can do at home!

So happy to have you here checking out this Summer Time Fat Burning Workout!!!  As an online health and wellness coach and personal trainer, it’s my mission to help other women be able to find their perfect healthy solution! These quick and effective fat burning workouts are just one way to do that 😉

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Y’all summer time is upon us…I mean Memorial Day is past, the kids are home all day and the temps are HOT HOT HOT!!! Or at least in Texas they are, holy moly!

That being said, I know it can be hard to get in a workout…in between “I’m bored” and “what are we going to do today” and “I’m hungry” and  “MOOOOOOOOOM!!!” it’s hard to find an open window of time to get your sweat on.

BUT here’s one that you’ll be able to knock out while kids are running around you and you’ll be back to being their snack b$tch in no time 😉

5 Rounds

10 Underhand Squat/Press
8 Mountain Climber/Rotation (4 mountain climbers)
10 Left Lateral Lunge/Upright Row/Press
10 Right Lateral Lunge/Upright Row/Press
8 Pulsing Plyometric Lunges


Kids are home, it’s hot as heck outside and free time comes in pockets…sound familiar?!? You can get in a quick workout though 👊🏻 I shared this in my private Facebook group today…☀️☀️5 Rounds☀️☀️10 Underhand Squat/Press8 Mountain Climber/Rotation (4 mountain climbers)10 Left Lateral Lunge/Upright Row/Press 10 Right Lateral Lunge/Upright Row/Press8 Pulsing Plyometric Lunges Save it to your arsenal for the summer time 😉 and tag me if you try it!!! Want to join our FREE group? Just click here 👉🏻

Posted by My Think Fit on Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Workouts are one piece of the puzzle, but I’m here to tell you that once you figure the best foods for you PERSONALLY, amazing things can happen.  Through my years of studying hormonal fat loss, it has become the cornerstone for how I train both my in person and online clients.

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