Sleep More to Burn More Fat

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I help women find their perfect fat loss solutions through personal metabolism strategies

A KEY strategy to fat loss is SLEEP!!!  Wait, what?!?! How can you burn fat while sleeping?!!? Don’t  you need to spend 24 hours working out and counting calories?!?!  Not hardly!  Let’s talk about WHY sleep deprivation might be keeping you from burning fat and why you need to sleep MORE to burn MORE fat!

To start off with, it’s important to note that several studies have proven that sleep deprivation and higher body mass index seem to have a strong correlation.  Poor sleep habits have been linked to weight gain time and time again.  So how does this affect YOU?!?  Let’s take a look at 5 leading obstacles of sleep deprivation that work AGAINST you and your fat loss goals! 

1. Insulin resistance

With less than 6 hours of sleep, insulin and glucose patterns show to be similar to diabetics…which means that fat cells lose ability to use insulin in the most effective ways.  that can lead to insulin resistance which causes the body to produce MORE in order to function properly.  Over production of insulin results in fat buildup and storage. You can learn more about the insulin battle by going HERE 😉

2. Increased Cortisol Production

Not enough sleep makes us feel more stressed.  When we are stressed, our bodies produce more of the stress hormone called cortisol which triggers the reward center in the brain and makes us crave food.  When you don’t get enough sleep your body over produces the hunger hormones of ghrelin and leptin so you may be more likely to overeat!  And let’s just be honest, the combo of too much cortisol and more ghrelin equates to eating more food than usual just to feel like you’re satisfied!!!  And THAT is a recipe for disaster…just ask my 2 year old who seem to have NO shut off valve with food, lol! Here’s more on ghrelin and leptin 🙂

3. Bad Food Choices

NEXT culprit is our cravings!!!  When our bodies are running on too little of sleep, we tend to have more unusual and not so great cravings.  You know that when you are in a brain fog, it’s HARD to make good decisions, right?!!  So that’s when you’ll reach for those sugary and salty foods…your body is less likely to say no to those kind of unhealthy treats!  All that does is fight your body in its fat loss regimen.  But when you’ve gotten enough sleep and feel rejuvenated, you are able to think more clearly and make better decisions! 

4. No Recovery

It’s kind of a no brainer…if you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, your workout time could be impacted.  See if you’re exhausted you’re not very likely to get up and get your workout in before work, right?  And then you know you’ll be too tired after work to make it happen.  And if you DO make it to the gym, you probably won’t have the energy to work to your full potential.  Sound familiar?!?!  Yeah, it’s normal…those with less sleep seem to be more likely to skip right over their daily workout.  Not to mention that one of the KEY ingredients to building muscle (which helps increase the fat burn) is recovery time. Your body needs time to repair itself so that you can get up and push through your workout the next day!  So it’s a vicious cycle here.

5. Decreased Human Growth Hormone

And did you know that your body produces the MOST human growth hormone (HGH) while  you are sleeping? It’s estimated that close to 75% of your body’s HGH is released during sleep. Why is HGH so important?  Well for the purpose of this article, it helps to regulate your metabolism and enhance physical performance…NATURALLY! Trust me, there are MANY positives to having a regulated HGH level.


YOU NEED REST! There’s no way around it y’all. I know it’s not easy and I know that when we are busy in the hustle of life there are other things that seem to take precedence, but if you don’t take care of YOU, everything else will suffer. It’s not just about fat loss and creating a body that you feel confident in, it’s also about creating a LIFE you feel more balanced and confident in living xoxo


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