Shoulder Sculpt and Fat Burn

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Seriously, there is NO reason to keep spending hours in a gym when you can knock out a quick workout using just a set of dumbbells and still get amazing results 😉  Let’s check out a shoulder sculpting workout…

I’m so glad you are checking this out!  As a personal trainer and fat loss fanatic, I love helping women find their perfect fat loss solution through personal metabolism strategies! 

Here’s a simple shoulder sculpting metabolic strength workout!

Here’s a workout to give a shot on this Wednesday 👊🏻 I mean, full body workout that focuses on the shoulders?!? Yes please 💪🏻 I cant wait to get back to it so I can do this one again! —Do 5 rounds of this metabolic strength workout that will get your heart pumping and blast some fat! 10 One Leg Deadlift/Upright Row on each side10 PushUp/Twisted Mountain Climber/Squat/Press 10 Bowlers Lunge/Curl/Press10 Weighted Plyometric Lunges —Strengthening your shoulders is so important…they’re one of the most mobile joints in our body! By working to increase their strength, you’ll not only help to prevent injury but also get some killer looking arms in tank tops 😜 Granted, don’t just work the large muscles, you’ve got to work the small stabilizing muscles as well to really decreas risk of injury and keep the joint strong 👊🏻

Posted by My Think Fit on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


This circuit will get your heart pumping and blast some fat!

Start with 5 rounds of:
10 One Leg Deadlift/Upright Row on each side
10 PushUp/Twisted Mountain Climber/Squat/Press
10 Bowlers Lunge/Curl/Press
10 Weighted Plyometric Lunges

THEN make sure to get in your leisurely walk at some point too 😉 Not sure what I’m talking about?? CHECK IT OUT HERE

Shoulder strength is SO important y’all!


First of all, your shoulders are one of THE most mobile joints in all of your body…so strengthening them will lead to more prevention of injury and keep your body healthy for YEARS to come!  Don’t just focus on the large shoulder muscles like shown in this workout…do small movements to keep the stabilizers healthy and strong too 😉  Your body will thank you down the road…trust me!

Plus, getting some strong shoulders also means you’ll be sculpting those bad boys to look great in a tank top!  And when you FEEL strong, there’s just something empowering about that, right?!?


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