Shed More Body Fat with These Workouts

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Metabolic Strength Workouts have proven to be the best type of workout for burning more fat in less time.

As an online health and accountability coach, I help women find their perfect Fat Loss solution through personal metabolism strategies…and these workouts are part of that solution!!!

What kind of workouts work best for me???I was always a self proclaimed ‘cardio junkie’ until i realized what works best for ME…and could for you too 😉 I mean we all have our own makeup (no I’m not wearing any so don’t judge 😜) but the fat burning qualities are pretty great for everyone!And here is the quiz I mention:

Posted by My Think Fit on Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Metabolic strength training is one of the best and most effective ways to seriously burn fat and gain lean muscle mass all in one training session.   It leaves your metabolism boosted for LONG after your workout is complete and leads to increased endurance and strength as well.  It’s basically getting the MAXIMUM results but in a MINIMAL amount of time per day.



Metabolic training is simply a way of training that incorporates very little rest between movements to increase your metabolic burn both during and after your training session. So when we talk about metabolic STRENGTH training, it’s using strength movements that will elevate your heart rate, boost your metabolic system and torch body fat.  This way of training uses both full body strength AND cardiovascular movements all in one short session.  It will have varieties of compound movements, supersets and plyometrics with little rest. 



I’ve been doing Metabolic Strength Training for half a decade and it has proven itself to me time and time again. Every time I  go back to this style of training, I lean out, lose body fat, drop pounds and get rid of inches. I  swear it’s magic, lol!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I  still love other styles of workouts and definitely mix them in, but when you find something that WORKS, it makes it worth going back to.



Are you ready to give it a try?  Here are some past blog posts that have sample circuits for you to try:

Quick Workout

Fat Burning Dumbbell Circuit

Full Body Fat Burn Workout

One of my FAVORITE ways to incorporate Metabolic Strength Training is through circuit style workouts. I provide  5 weeks worth in my online course of the FAT LOSS PROJECT.  In the Fat Loss Project, I  provide circuits that hit every part of the body with a different focus each day. For instance, one day will have a focus on Back and Chest BUT will also have full body movements. These workouts will hit the legs and abs while having dashes of plyometric work built in.  We talk about rest based training with this style of training too.  You are pushing until you can’t do another rep and then resting until you are ready to push again…this allows you to work at the pace that’s best for you personally.



If my opinion isn’t enough to convince you to try Metabolic Strength Training, there have been scientific studies performed that PROVE just how beneficial this style of training is.

“One study of 97 participants found the most favorable results, including increased cardio-respiratory fitness, fat and weight loss, when combining cardio and strength in 30-minute routines practiced five times a week for 12 weeks”

“A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine divided 48 male participants into different training groups: strength training, cardio only and sessions with a combination of the two. At the end of 12 weeks, the group with combined workouts had greater aerobic capacity than the men in the siloed groups. This group also improved performance in a 2.5-mile time trial run.”



And if you’re ready for MORE and a complete 5 WEEK program to give you nothing but amazing results through 4 days a week of Metabolic Strength Training, check out THE FAT LOSS PROJECT!!!



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