7 Strategies to Make Life Work NOW

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One of the things I’ve had to do throughout my journey is to just find a way to make it work. To find ways to make life work.  Heck, we all do right?  Whether it’s in parenting or relationships or a life altering illness, we have to find ways to just make life work.

I recently started a podcast with one of my dearest friends (you can find it HERE). Ironically, it is all about how we make life work. 

Not long ago, we dedicated a full episode to 7 strategies we believe will help make life work…now, tomorrow and for years to come.

So let me break down what we discussed in our episode that laid out our strategies for helping make life work!

The first strategy is to find a routine and just try to keep some normalcy going.  When struggles come our way or when we are facing unknown circumstances, doing some of the same things day in and day out will help us feel more grounded.  We all seek control in one way or another and this is a great way to feel IN control when things outside of us are all haywire. Things as simple as getting up at the same time each day, having 5 minutes of quiet before the day gets going, and even just brushing your teeth!

Yes, seriously, #brushyourteeth to make life work!

The second thing we discussed about making life work was to clean it up and clean it out.  We all have those closets or drawers that drive us absolutely CRAZY with disorganization!!!  Making the time to clean those out is KEY to feeling a bit more grounded. 

The way you do some things is often how you do all of the things!

So, if closets and rooms are chaotic then there is a good chance that other aspects of your life will feel the same. So now is the time to clean that stuff up!

Next we suggested that you have some productive screen time.  Let’s be honest, NONE of us struggle with spending time behind the screen on our phones or computers.  So why not use that time to create some productivity?  Maybe now is the time to clean out all of those junk emails (NOT THIS ONE!) that you keep receiving?  Or maybe you need to delete a ton of files on your computer?  Maybe now is the time to take all of those digital pictures and get them into one place? 

Whatever productivity looks like for you, now is the time to use it to your advantage to help make life work in a more organized way.

Hand washing is now the super cool thing to do. I  hate to break it to you, but this was cool status for us before 2020!   But nonetheless, what if there was a way to multi purpose your hand washing to help make life work?  Lately, I’ve been throwing up a quick prayer while I  am scrubbing. Just a prayer for peace to wash over me and my household.  For a while after that, I  do feel better…it may not last all day (I ’m a normal mom with short nerves) but it does help.  We even suggested knocking out some calf raises in the process!!! 

So not only will you have amazingly clean hands but your heart will feel good and you’ll have some amazing legs 😉 

Then we moved on to talk about a little self quarantine time. Yes, SELF QUARANTINE!  No, we aren’t talking about locking yourself in your house with your family.  We are talking about taking time for you, JUST YOU, to help make life work.  That may look different for everyone, but we feel it is a NECESSITY to keeping some sanity in unknown times. You might have to lock yourself in your bedroom for 10 minutes just to take some deep breaths.  Maybe some alone time is a long walk or quick workout.  You might want to go take a bath and listen to some music. 

Whatever feeds your soul, DO THAT!!!

Our next strategy was to have a happy hour for yourself. Keeping some lightheartedness is crucial to making life work.  Life can be hard and circumstances can be heavy, so if you can find a way each day to add some joy, you won’t regret it!  Pick a lighthearted book to read or go back to an old sitcom that used to make you laugh.  Watch a funny  movie with your family or do something that keeps the environment a bit lighter.  

Speaking of happy, I have found that a good old fashioned Happy Hour IS in fact critical at times.  There are days when sitting out back watching the sunset with a glass of wine is food for the soul.  Maybe you’re out front watching the kids play and have your drink to help you ease into the craziness of the evening.  You might even have to do virtual happy hour meetings with your friends to help you get through. 

Give yourself grace and realize it’s all a part of that perfectly imperfect balance that we are seeking to make life work.

Look, life is hard. Right now it’s pretty hard for many of us.  Take the pressure to be perfect off, let it go, and just focus on some strategies to finding a way to make life work in a perfectly imperfect balanced way! 

Make sure to check out LifeWork: The Podcast to listen to the full episode and gain access to others. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review while you’re there…

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