Leptin Resistance…what is it??


Leptin resistance is basically your body holding onto weight but yet your brain can’t quite seem to figure out what’s up. It’s caused mainly from inflammation. The only way to truly diagnose is through a blood test, but it’s not always accurate because our leptin levels fluctuate so much…so it’s usually diagnosed through symptoms more than anything.




  1. If a lot of your weight gain/fat storage is around your mid-section it’s a good clue that you MIGHT be Leptin Resistant.  If you’ve tried everything possible and still not budging from that area, don’t beat yourself up and just know that if you can work to get leptin issues controlled, you should start to see and FEEL a difference
  2. Out of control cravings…if you seem to plan pretty good for the day but in between the wheels fall off, you MIGHT be Leptin Resistant.  Maybe try NOT snacking and just eating your 3 squared meals and more of it and see if that helps.
  3. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and you cut your calories drastically and aren’t eating enough, it could throw your body off and make your levels out of whack…including leptin.  When you drastically cut calories, your body goes into fat storage mode rather than fat burning mode.
  4. When you are too stressed and not rested enough, you can become Leptin Resistant.  Making sure to keep your cortisol in check by doing your R&R workouts, walking, and getting enough sleep you can make changes in this!
  5. If you eat a typical modern diet of processed foods and you have struggled with all of the above, chances are that you have become Leptin Resistant.  Flooding your body with bursts of energy through the processed foods of pastas, breads, sugars, sodas, etc. only leads to more damage and sets those leptin levels into a roller coaster ride that’s no good for you!




  1. Eat nutrient dense, WHOLE foods and limit your processed foods as much as possible..meaning you need to focus on protein, veggies and healthy fats more than anything else
  2. Limit your snacking…stick to main meals instead.
  3. Add strength training to your exercise routine…cardio junkies tend to have a higher rate of leptin resistance than others! Also, getting in your R&R workouts and walking are a BIG piece of success
  4. Lower your stress and get more sleep…easier said than done, I get it.  BUT make it a priority, this is your health we are talking about!  Those R&R workouts are a great opportunity for lowering stress…even getting a massage or just taking a relaxing bath can count.  There’s also some great meditation apps you can try…even 5-10 minutes a day can make a world of difference
  5. Increase your Omega 3s…we seem to get enough of the Omega6 that we need but lack in Omega 3.  So adding fish into your diet (wild caught only) and even taking a great Omega3 supplement can help with this!
  6. An ADVANCED Fat Loss tip when dealing with Leptin resistance is to do Intermittent Fasting (IF).  It’s the quickest way to decrease the resistance BUT can be difficult for those who are used to being a constant eater.  

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