Your Lack of Sleep is Causing These Three Issues

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I geek out over all things fat loss related…

That’s why I continue to educate myself and go through courses in order to deliver the BEST results to my clients.  During our weekly check in calls,  I LOVE when they report their energy, hunger and cravings are balanced AND they are seeing results.   But it doesn’t start out like that! 

When I do my initial call with my one on one clients, there is a common theme. Most are stuck in the mentality of believing weight loss is only calories in v calories out.  So many people buy into that philosophy and then get frustrated that they aren’t losing weight or burning more fat than what they desire.  They keep cutting calories and working out more trying to find their rhythm and get discouraged when their bodies respond negatively.

There is SO much more to fat loss than calories in and calories out!

 It’s something I’ve been passionate about for years!  In fact, HERE is one of the first blog posts I wrote about the hormonal aspect of fat loss.  

Let me be clear…fat loss is NOT a one size fits all formula!  Sure, there are certain protocols that will apply to MOST people, but at the end of the day it takes detective work and a bit of science to figure out your perfect fat loss solution.  I  won’t go into all of them here (you’d get SO bored, lol!) but I do want to address one part of the equation that gets left out a lot…SLEEP!

No, I ’m not talking about laying on the couch all day in your sweats while eating ice cream and watching Netflix (although that does sound kind of amazing!). THAT is not going to help you burn more fat.  I’m talking about QUALITY sleep. 

Lack of sleep causes many surface issues that are quite obvious. 

Things like tiredness, lack of energy, feeling fuzzy, being irritable, etc.  But there are things going on at the cellular level that are causing the body to hold onto fat rather than burning it.  

Here are 3 issues that lack of sleep can cause…

One issue that lack of sleep causes is inflammation.  And SO many suffer from inflammation in their bodies.  What happens when there is an influx of inflammation?  It’s not JUST our appearance that is affected but it’s also our fat cells. Think about it…when your body’s cells are inflamed, that INCLUDES the fat cells.  They aren’t immune to inflammation 😉  And when they are inflamed, they can hold more which means our fat storage is increased. 

Another downfall to not enough sleep is a slowed basal metabolic rate (BMR).  BMR is the rate at which the body burns calories when totally at rest.  So when you have a lower BMR, you have to increase activity in order to burn more calories.  BUT when it is higher, the body burns more calories while at rest and doing daily activities.  Poor sleep habits truly affect they body’s ability to burn calories and in turn, burn fat.

An issue that many people overlook with lack of sleep is decreased muscle mass.  This may not seem like a big deal to some…you might be thinking ‘well, I don’t want to do any body building competitions so I’m not real concerned with muscle mass’.  But that view is totally distorted.  Muscle mass helps you look toned and uses more calories at rest (yep, that BMR!).  Plus, if we have less muscle, it can affect our strength and energy. We NEED muscle mass!  As we age, we will naturally lose muscle mass so it’s important to do what we can to hang onto it.   

Bottom line is that we need SLEEP!

Check out SLEEP MORE TO BURN MORE FAT where I discussed 5 other reasons why you need to sleep more!

 We need good, solid, QUALITY sleep.  Next time you feel like pulling an all nighter, try to remember your goals.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to burn fat while sleeping?!?!  SIGN ME UP!!!

Speaking of SIGNING UP…if you’re interested in discovering YOUR personal fat loss solution, you can always apply for the FAT LOSS PROTOCOL coaching

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