A Key Strategy To Fat Loss

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Did you know that walking is AMAZING for Fat Loss? It's something I've always taught my clients although it was SUPER hard for me to personally adopt several years ago, lol!!! BUT here is why YOU should be walking for Fat Loss 😉

Posted by My Think Fit on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I help women find their perfect fat loss solution through personal metabolism strategies…

Does walking help with Fat Loss???

Several years ago as I  was learning about Fat Loss and getting certified to train others on the topic, I  took part in a 4 week program to jump start the process.  One thing I  learned was about WALKING to help with fat loss…WHAT?!?!  Walking for Fat Loss?!?! Yeah, made NO sense to me!  I  mean I  LOVE intense workouts…like if I  feel as if I  might pass out or puke during a workout, I  consider it a success, lol!  I  mean if that actually HAPPENED it wouldn’t be successful, but you get the picture, I  like high intensity!


Walking was FOREIGN to me!  I mean who does that to boost their results?  Don’t you need to work HARDER?  Don’t you need to cut your CALORIES?  Boy was I  ever wrong and did I  learn SO much about how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.


See, fat loss isn’t so much about calories but more about hormones.  When you can tap into your personal metabolism sweet spot…it’s GREATNESS! 

Learn more about your metabolism by taking your own fat loss metabolism quiz HERE.


One hormone that is crucial to have in check for an ideal fat loss scenario is cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone. 

So when you are stressed, your cortisol is increased and your fat stores are increased.  Something that raises cortisol levels?  Intense workouts! WHAAAT?!?!  Yep, high intensity workouts put stress on your body and increase cortisol levels.  I  mean think about those (maybe even you) who workout like crazy, push their bodies hard constantly but can’t seem to drop the weight they want or hit a plateau with belly fat.  THAT is a prime example of elevated cortisol.  Any time our bodies are put under stress, we take the chance of elevating our cortisol levels.


But guess what DECREASES cortisol? If stressful lifestyles increase it, it only makes sense that more relaxing lifestyles and scenarios would decrease it.  Taking part in relaxing practices on a regular basis will help to lower cortisol levels and INCREASE fat loss. 


Walking is a GREAT relaxing exercise to take part in. 

It’s not about getting your heart rate up and burning calories but more about relaxing and letting your body get back into the natural flow of regulating your stress hormones to a natural level.   Not only that, but there are lots of great things you can do while on a walk that will make a big difference in your life.  Throw on a personal growth podcast, listen to a book on audible, take your kiddos along to bond with, put your fur babies on a leash to get them some exercise, and just ENJOY the scenery and environment!


OH and another positive for lowering those cortisol levels? 

DECREASED hunger and cravings!  Yep, how great is that?!?  Next time you have a crazy craving kick in, throw on those shoes and hit the pavement…your body and your mind will both thank you 😉


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