My Instant Pot Fail Turned Success!

That’s right…the Instant Pot is supposed to be totally fail proof for these amazing recipes we see all over Pinterest and social media, right?!?!  Well I went ahead and proved that theory wrong…you’re welcome!

My goal was to make this ‘Chicago Beef’ that my husband likes…I mean it has like 3 ingredients so how could I screw it up?!?!  Well, I did!  After the time went off, I did the ‘quick release’ (yep, learned that cool new lingo since buying into the Instant Pot cult, lol!) opened the lid and the meat was as tough as leather!  So, in the midst of my frustration and realizing that I needed dinner done like NOW…I put that lid back on and reset the timer.  After about half of the time, I shut off the heat, let it sit for a few minutes and opened opened up the lid…with complete and utter anxiety that it STILL wouldn’t be done!  But luckily and thankfully it was UH-MAZING!!!  So I shredded the meat, put it back in the cooker and served it on up.

Since I did the trial FOR you, I’ll go ahead and give you the version that worked for me 😉  Now I will say, i have the knock off version because I mean when you get a total steal on Amazon for cyber Monday, it’s just the right thing to do!!!  See below the one I have…and it works AMAZING!!!  You can order it here!!


1-1/2 pound chuck roast cut into about 5 large chunks…season with Himalayan salt and pepper

1 jar pepperoncinis with juice

1/2 onion sliced

3/4 cup beef broth

3 Tbsp oil

Heat Instant Pot on saute setting

Add oil until hot then add meat and saute until each side is browned

Put setting to Stew/Meat

Add in pepperoncinis, onion and broth, put lid on and cook

The timer should set to 35 minutes, but I would increase it to 50-60 minutes

When timer goes off, let it sit for a few minutes…then enjoy the heck out of your hard work!!!

P.S…I served over Cauliflower rice and it was a hit! Hubby even got seconds 😉  It’s traditionally used as a filler in a sandwich, but of course for the Fat Loss Project this is a WAY better fit!!!  All I did was buy a back of riced cauliflower, heat up 1 Tbsp of butter and saute.  SO SO SO easy and totally delicious!!


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