I  hope you find this article helpful to learn more about Intermittent Fasting for your busy lifestyle.   We are all ‘busy’ these days, I  mean it almost seems as if there’s clout for who stays the ‘busiest’.  Did you know that we actually get a rush of dopamine when we are ‘busy’?   There are multiple studies proving this… I’m not sure why we do that to ourselves as a culture, but it sure seems the norm!

I  love helping women find ways to SIMPLIFY their lives!  There’s no reason to complicate it anymore than we have to.  Life is tough enough, trust me I  GET IT 😉

That’s why I  want to help simplify for you when trying to do Intermittent Fasting for a Busy Lifestyle!!

WHY do I believe in Intermittent Fasting? 

Well first of all, I  started it YEARS ago without even realizing it, lol!  I  used to run accountability groups where I  would help people get started on a clean path to eating.  Just a simplified way to jump start their fat loss journey 😉   I  would supply a 5 day meal plan complete with recipes and a grocery list (kinda great, right?)…AND I  would encourage them to start eating ONLY in a 12 hour eating window, then working down to a 10 hour window and even having a goal of just an 8 hour eating window.  Want to know what that is called? INTERMITTENT FASTING!  Who knew?!?!  I mean by focusing on that ‘eating window’ instead of the hours you spend fasting, it’s really ‘Intermittent Eating’…think about it 😉 

So, not only were people getting some CRAZY awesome physical results, but they were FEELING great…less bloat, less cravings, more energy, better sleep…all in 5 days of a simple meal plan with Intermittent Fasting.  By the way, you can get a copy of my most recent Jump Start Meal Plan HERE!!!!

People in my group were KILLING it and I  was personally feeling pretty dang great myself.  I  didn’t know enough about what it actually was at the time but heck, when you feel good and find something that works you just keep doing it right???  Then I  started actually researching it and learning more about what Intermittent Fasting actually is and how it’s beneficial to our bodies.  

Should YOU do Intermittent Fasting?

Here’s the thing…I  think there are hundreds of different ways to shed fat.  Do I  like the path I’ve found best?  OF COURSE!  Because it’s the one I’ve found to work for me and the hundreds of people that have trusted me and followed my plan. Does that mean it’s right for you?  NOPE.  You have to find what works for YOU!  If you do what your neighbor is doing or try to fit into some crazy restrictive diet that your best friend just dropped 20 pounds in 24 hours, you’re going to quit.  You have to find something that works for YOU so that you will stick with it…because when you stick with it, it WORKS y’all.  You can’t do something for one week and jump ship. It takes time for your body to adapt and show results.

At the same time, YES, I  do believe you should try it.  Intermittent Fasting is actually pretty fantastic for the busy lifestyle…the mom running around like crazy to get kids to 3 different schools and 8 different practices; the working woman who is rushing to get to the office on time and fighting traffic for 4 hours a day; the student who is cramming for their studies and losing track of anything outside of their books.  I  DO think it’s worth a shot!

How does Intermittent Fasting work for a BUSY LIFESTYLE?

First thing is first…you need to get to know WHAT Intermittent Fasting actually is!  You can learn more about that by checking out these articles:

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The eating window is what makes this SO perfect for a busy lifestyle! 

I’ve helped so many women over the years and one of the biggest complaints and reasons that they have had set backs is because they ‘don’t have time’ to eat right.  THIS takes that away!!!  How?  Let me explain…

When you are eating in a 6 to 8 hour window, YOU PICK what that is going to be.  So if you are a teacher who just can’t seem to fit in the clean eating foods all day long, you pick your planning period or off hour to start eating. Then you add your 6 or 8 hours onto that to figure when you will stop eating (aka when your fast will begin).  

If you are a nurse who is on shift and barely has time to grab a single almond while working, YOU get to pick how your eating window will work!  Schedule the time for right before you start shift or right after you get off or right when you know your break will be.  Then add your 6 to 8 hours onto that time to know when to stop eating (aka when your fast will begin).

If you are a traveling machine and are catching flights all times of day and don’t know when you’ll get to eat next, perfect! Whenever your first meal is, go ahead and eat like a rockstar.  Then add your 6 to 8 hours onto that time to know when you stop eating (aka when your fast will begin).

If you are a mom who doesn’t know when you’ll have a chance to grab a bit to eat in between changing diapers and doing laundry and car pooling 500 kids, this is great!  As soon as that first morsel of animal cracker or goldfish hits your lips (kidding, please try to eat for fat loss to see the best results!), start the clock!  Add your 6 to 8 hours onto that to know when to stop eating (aka when your fast will begin).

Make sense?  Do you see how it can work for a variety of situations and is actually the PERFECT scenario for this with busy lifestyles?!?!

Plus, I  truly feel that for those who may have an unhealthy relationship with food (ie binge eating, emotional eating, etc.) this is a great alternative to help.  When you have less time to eat, that is where your focus is and you actually end up enjoying your food more as well as training your hunger hormones to be more in balanced.  It’s pretty much a win-win!

BUT what if every day isn’t the same? Will you fail miserably with Intermittent Fasting for your busy Lifestyle?

Yet another reason why I  love this way of eating so much! Y’all, you KNOW I  don’t believe in perfect…it’s about finding a balance for YOU. 

A perfectly imperfect balanced lifestyle that works for YOU. 

This won’t be perfect, nothing ever is!!!  And if you have to make it perfect to get any benefit, then count me out, because I ’m the FURTHEST thing from perfect that has ever walked, lol!!!

Sure, your goal is to have the same eating window each day.  But if there happens to be a day or two when it’s not the same, it’s not the end of the world!  You aren’t going to derail all of your progress by eating 30 minutes sooner or having your schedule be off by an hour.  Give yourself some grace. Do the best you can do. Every single minute is an opportunity to start fresh!! You don’t need to wait until Monday to make up for what you feel was a ‘failure’…start the next meal, the next snack, the next hour 😉

You’re ready to start trying Intermittent Fasting for your Busy Lifestyle!!! Now What?!?!

Don’t think too much about it!  When we over think things, we over complicate things and to be honest this tis NOT a complicated topic.  Just decide that tomorrow is the day and START!  

If you need some extra love and help, make sure to check out our PRIVATE FB community to help support you!!!  You can get there by requesting to join HERE!!!

And just be careful…take your research with a grain of salt and find what works best for YOU!!!  Don’t be too drastic, it’s supposed to feel  LIBERATING, not confining 😉  

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