How to Keep Balance During Holiday Travel

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Here are some holiday travel tips to keep the balance in the hardest time of the year!

I recently kept seeing all of these social media posts about how BAD the holidays are for us and how we need to keep our goals in mind and stay the course.  Granted, I GET IT!!! I  really do! I’ve been there and I still want to stick to my health goals, so I completely believe in that theory…but only to an extent! I actually spoke on this today in a live video that you can watch:

Here’s where I DON’T feel like it’s beneficial to be so strict…

When we become so obsessed with what we are eating, it can actually have the opposite effect on our bodies.  Thinking about food 24/7 and stressing over what you put in your mouth, is contradictory to what you are trying to accomplish! I actually wrote a recent post going into that a little bit more…you can find it HERE

Bottom line is RELAX! 

Give yourself some grace.  Sure, we want to follow those holiday travel tips and stay on course. But it’s also even more important to find that balance where we feel great, are confident and our health is in check…but that comes with some detective work on ourselves.  But I  can promise you one thing: if you are constantly in turmoil and stressing over each meal, you are being counterproductive.  

One way to feel more in balance over the holidays is to just make some good conscious efforts while traveling.  If we make decent (not perfect) choices during our travels, we will feel better AND feel like we have the extra leeway to indulge on the big day! Believe it or not, the convenient stores along the way and even the airport stores have some great options. You don’t HAVE to go down the candy aisle each time 😉

Here are 16 recommendations for some great snacks while traveling:

1. Raw nuts…NOT salted!!!!

2. Bars…look over the sugar content and try to avoid highly added sugars!

a. Epic Bars (for Paleo peeps)

b. Vega Bars

c. Macro Bars

d. Bulletproof Bars

e. Think Thin

f.  Quest

g. RX Bars

3. Seaweed Snacks

4. Roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

5. Raw energy bites

6. Whey or pea protein shakes + shaker & ball & water or NutriBullet blender

7. Krave Jerky

8. Dark Chocolate

9. Whole Fruit (berries, apples etc.)

10. Sliced veggies

11. Hummus (try Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus from Costco)

12. Guacamole (try Organic Wholly Guacamole Minis – you can freeze them)

13. Justin’s almond butter single packets

14. Hard-boiled egg

15. Avocado chunks

16. Pre-made protein bars or bites

Whether you’ll be traveling or staying put, these are great tips to keep in your back pocket!

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