Forget New YEAR Resolutions and go for a TODAY Resolution…your word

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I know that each year starts with major goals and resolutions and all that fun stuff…heck, I usually take a HUGE part in that actually. But this year was different for me.   I wasn’t feeling it with the big aspirations and goals, I just felt like the pressure was too much for some reason?  So I went to a workshop and was able to narrow down those BIG goals to a word.  Just a word.  A word that left me empowered, positive, and ready for what was to come. 

And I realized that it’s not about a new YEAR resolution as much as it is deciding every DAY to have a resolution.

Thanks to the incredible Me Rah Koh and my friend Crystal with Heartstories, I was able to nail down a word that has lifted my spirits and given me a vision clearer than I’ve had in MONTHS.  I won’t be able to share ALL of the workshop with you (I just can’t do it justice!) but I wanted to share some highlights with you. 

Hopefully this can help lead you to find YOUR word and YOUR intention for the days, weeks, months and year ahead.  

Choosing a word for the year gifts us with 3 things

*permission to feel the emotions that the word elicits 

*ownership of what our word drives within us

*strength to draw from based on what word we choose

Having a word to go back to reflect upon each day offers us an ANCHOR from which we can draw

Bracelet courtesy of Heartstories and My Intent

I started by just brainstorming different words…I had a list of about 10!  Trust me, I went in with ZERO, like a big fat goose egg.  But by just getting real with myself, I came up with a list of 10.  From there, I just started free writing what each one would mean.  I used each word to start a sentence and just wrote…the first thing that would come to mind.  Based on that, I  was able to nail down the one that gifted me with all 3 points previously mentioned and I  KNEW that this was my word for 2020.

Go through the following process for yourself and let’s help YOU come up with your 2020 word!

  1. Write your list of words
  2. List the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of that word
  3. What is the dictionary definition of each word
  4. Find 5-10 synonyms for your words using the ones that resonate most with you
  5. Write out up to 3 antonyms for the words you are considering
  6. Look back at the first 5 steps and CHOOSE just one word
  7. Now, dig a bit deeper and write out how this word truly fits you…why is this the right word for you right now?
  8. Search for a quote that encompasses your word and write it out

YOU DID IT!!!!  By the end of those 8 steps you will have your word for 2020 and will be on your way to a magical year. 

Just like that, easy peasy, your year is now complete!!

Yeah right, lol!!! Did you seriously buy into that?  

Choosing a word is just ONE part of making this year count.  You have to lean into that.  Lean into the word you have settled on. Draw from the experiences the word presents for you.  Make shit happen based on that word!!!! Don’t just write it down and then sit back waiting on all the good mojo to come your way.  Life doesn’t work like that.

You have to do the work.  If you want this year to be life changing, CHANGE your life.  Change little by little and figure out what YOU can do to improve.  It doesn’t need to be a total overhaul, it just needs to be a 1% change every day…if you do that you will have improved yourself by 365% at the end of 2020. How freaking cool is that?!?! 

Each DAY have a resolution with yourself to improve!

And look, I know that that this is just one piece of what you may be searching to do better this year.  We ALL know that the whole NEW YEAR, NEW ME thing is real!  We want to be better mentally and physically!  Hopefully this part will help kickstart you for the mental game but let’s not forget about the physical one too 😉

Let’s check out what I have LOVED for over 10 years now!! 

Let’s be real, if I  can stick with something for a decade, there CLEARLY has to be something to it 😉  Everyday I take a scoop of the vegan formulation and mix with ice, water and usually peanut butter and banana!  If you haven’t tried it yet, I  encourage you to make this year your year to invest in YOU…just one small piece of the pie (YUM!!) that can have long lasting benefits 😉

Ok, I’d LOVE to hear what word you chose!!!  Will you share with me?  I  saw lots on Instagram that many of you shared and they were so inspiring! Let me know what YOURS is going to be and how it will drive you to greatness or at least to more peace for this year.

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