Finding the Balanced Life…why????


It’s true…I’m a believer in FINDING THE BALANCED LIFE!  Will it be perfect?  Nope.  Am I ok with that?  Ehhh, I’m learning to be 😉

But I truly believe this is what works for the long term…not being too restrictive in our diets, not beating ourselves up if one workout is missed, and ENJOYING the process.  It’s not for everyone and I get it!  But for me, it’s what works and it’s how I like to help people reach their goals of getting better.  Not a total overhaul, but a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT balance!

I’ll be launching a new challenge next week called ‘Sweat and Soul’ that you can be a part of…just click here and you’ll get added to the page so that you can follow along each day!  Just 5 days of digging into a bit of our soul with some gratitude and a workout each day to go along with it.

See you in the group!!!

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