At Home Fat Burning Cardio Workout

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 So glad you’re checking out this AT HOME FAT BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT! 


This at home fat burning cardio workout is short and sweet and will work you GOOD 😉  As an online health and wellness coach there’s nothing I love more than helping others find their personal healthy solution.  Since creating THE FAT LOSS PROJECT, I have been able to help hundreds more on their fat burning journey and find a workout routine they LOVE!

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The cool thing about this FAT BURNING CARIO WORKOUT is that you need ZERO equipment!!!  How great is that?!?!  Just grab your phone for a timer and get to work 😉

❇4 Rounds of 30 seconds each❇

Rest for 15 seconds in between each move

Side Burpees
Crab Kicks
10 High Knees/5 Squats
PushUp Jacks
4 Plyometric Lunges/2 Squat Jumps
4 Mountain Climbers/4 Shoulder Taps

Baby girl’s favorite is when I bring out the mat…she tries to mock me during and after and it sure makes this mom’s heart smile 😍Here’s you a Thursday Throwdown👊🏻❇️4 Rounds of 30 seconds each❇️Side BurpeesCrab Kicks10 High Knees/5 SquatsPushUp Jacks4 Plyometric Lunges/2 Squat Jumps4 Mountain Climbers/4 Shoulder TapsInterval training is something I recommend a couple of times a week in The Fat Loss Project, so this is a great example of something to incorporate 😉 I was a cardio girl FOREVER!!! But now I love my weights and if it’s more the HIIT and strength style cardio then I’m in 🙌🏻Do you prefer body weight style cardio or more weights🤔???

Posted by My Think Fit on Thursday, May 24, 2018


Interval training is a successful tool in the fat loss lifestyle.

Believe it or not, you will actually  burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after an interval workout than you do after a steady state cardio workout like running.  Crazy, right?!?!  I mean, don’t just take my word for it, try doing workouts like this a couple times a week and see what happens 😉  It’s what we do in my Fat Loss Project and it WORKS!!!

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