5 Strategies to Combat Emotional Eating

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Hey there!  So glad you’re checking out my 5 STRATEGIES TO COMBAT EMOTIONAL EATING…as an online health and wellness coach I love helping people to find their own healthy solution through different strategies.  Since creating the Fat Loss Project, I have seen so many women be able to conquer past struggles and figure out a way of life that works for them…with SERIOUS results!

One question I get asked often is all about EATING and how to combat Emotional Eating or Cravings…I mean does this maybe happen to you too?!?! If not, you totally don’t need to keep reading, lol!  BUT if on the other hand it’s helpful, READ ON 🙂

Because here I will share with you my 5 STRATEGIES TO COMBAT EMOTIONAL EATING/CRAVINGS!!!

Let’s talk about 5 ways to tackle emotional eating and cravings🚫…like those nighttime pantry raids 🙈 I mean not like I ever do that…yeah right, lol!!Which tip do you think would be the most simple to implement for your lifestyle?!?#peaceoutemotionaleating

Posted by My Think Fit on Tuesday, May 15, 2018


How do I tackle emotional eating? #peaceoutemotionaleating

– Personal growth
– Replace with Positive Activity
– Buffer Foods
– More Satiating Foods and Water
– Treat yo self


When we focus on growing ourselves it’s a POSITIVE experience and mindset. I mean we don’t do Personal growth to get WORSE, we do it to get better ?

Working on getting in a better headspace and self correcting those stories we tell ourselves will only lead to great things. And when you’re in a GOOD place mentally, all else falls into place.

I know when I’m in a funk, lots of things fall off the radar for me…workouts, eating right, self care, ALL of it. And of course i want to eat ALL of the things because I’m tired and totally unmotivated to make choices I know worknwell for me…hello Nilla wafers and Cheeze It’s ?

On the flip side, when I feel on top of my mental game I make MUCH better choices as far as my health and fat Loss journey goes! I don’t snack, I eat great, I have lots of fresh veggies, I drink water, etc.

So switch that story you’re telling yourself, start to get in the frame of mind that you CAN do this, that you ARE worth it, that it FEELS amazing…and before you know it, as you start to THINK fit you will start to LIVE fit ? Join my free accountability group! I’d love to help lift you up and find some fresh perspective as you tackle this ??



What are you doing at night when your cravings and snacking kick in? What are you doing when you feel down or just bored?

Chances are, there’s not a lot of activity taking place and you are probably hitting the pantry while checking out your nightly TV show or scrolling social media…

And guess what?! Those activities aren’t BAD at all y’all! But it’s the mindless eating that you want to combat, right?!? So why not swap it out with a more positive activity?!?

Maybe while you’re watching your show you’re on a foam roller or doing some stretching

Maybe you go for a walk and turn on a podcast

Maybe you go take a bath while scrolling

Maybe you play a board game with your kiddos

Sure it’s going to take some effort, I get that, but it’s not a ton and it’s totally worth it! I mean every time you take a negative activity out, put a positive one IN ??

Again, in my free accountability group we can totally  talk more about this ?



Something I kearned a long time ago is that chips are NOT a buffer food for me ?

A buffer food is something that you can have just a little bit of and it helps to kick your cravings.

On the contrary, a TRIGGER food is something that once you start you can’t stop! Maybe you can’t stop eating the bag of chips once you start or you want to eat all the things after a glass of wine or you inhale a full tub of animal crackers ??‍♀️

Finding what your trigger foods and buffer foods are can be a HUGE help in cracking down on emotional eating and nighttime snacking!

For me personally, I’ve found that a couple squares of dark chocolate is a perfect buffer for me…I don’t want the whole bar, just a square or 2 and I’m good to go! Even a spoonful of peanut butter does the trick if I’m really wanting something! Or I can make a cup of hot tea to sip on and it forces me to slow down and to enjoy something while getting my mind off of the pantry. Oh and one of my FAVORITES is THIS MUG CAKE…so yummy 😉



WHAT?!? What does that word even mean?!? Lol! Don’t worry I got you ??

When we have cravings or hunger it’s usually because we aren’t full or satisfied. So how can we do this without eating a full tub of ice cream or the whole loaf of bread? Focus on more SATIATING foods! What are those?

Proteins, Veggies and Healthy fats…notice there’s no starches listed ?

Processed foods can lead us to just wanting more and not being able to shut off that switch. Like how I mentioned about the trigger foods…they send you into a tailspin instead of keeping you feeling satisfied.

Some examples of satiating foods would be:
Celery with nut butter

If you can load up on these types of foods, you SHOULD feel more satisfied and not need to hit the pantry after dinner. Granted, sometimes you still want a little something and that’s totally ok! Grab a buffer food or treat and be proud of your progress ??

Have you joined our tribe yet? Check it out for a fresh perspective on finding more balance in day to day life !



Are you depriving yourself? Are you trying to be on target 100% of the time?!? Is it making you crazy? Making you want to eat ALL the things?!?

GIRL! Treat yo self!!! Seriously! By restricting what you’re eating and trying to be perfect you’re playing a total mind game with yourself that’s a recipe for disaster!

A couple of things I like to do to keep me from this:

– have preemptive treats…I KNOW that if I want some ice cream, I’m going to eat like a fat Loss rockstar all day! And then when I eat it? I just eat the serving I get and not the whole tub…and I dont feel guilty about it one bit! Because it’s part of my plan!
– have carb up meals…keep one day a week where you plan a meal that you eat all the carbs you want! The result? You’ll get your fill of the stuff you want AND chances are, it won’t be as good as you had it built up in your head
– Enjoy my adult drinks…yep, I said it. I dont drink much during he week (unless it’s May and the end of school and 500 activities and 3 kids) so that on the weekend I can enjoy myself and not even worry. It’s a good balance for me! I dont go overboard but I do enjoy without one ounce of guilt

So how can you plan it out so that you don’t feel deprived? Is it a pizza night? An adult beverage? Dessert at date night? Ice cream with the kids?



I hope you have had some light bulb moments on how to conquer emotional eating…

And I would love to see you more so check out our tribe in Finding the Balanced Life!  And don’t forget to PIN THIS POST 😉


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