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I help women find their perfect fat loss solution through personalized metabolism strategies and mindset makeovers.  

Adding Plyometric moves to your strength training routine can lead to more extreme fat loss and better results…

Let’s check out one super effective fat burning strategy!  A big part of fat loss is also building lean muscle.  No, don’t freak out, I’m not talking about big buff muscles, you have to EAT for that!  I’m talking about lean, defined and fat burning MUSCLE!  One way to do that is by pairing plyometric moves with strength training. I absolutely LOVE incorporating plyometric movements into my strength training days.  If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m currently working my way through my online program The Fat Loss Project.  

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As I was half way through my circuit and kicking some tail in squat jumps (not really), it dawned on me that a lot of people don’t do this type of training!  I mean, how often do we show up to lift some weights and just do our 3 sets of 10 and call it a day?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still movement and movement is GOOD! But what if you could take it a step further?

What IF you could blast some fat while not adding much time into your routine? What IF you added just one super effective fat burning strategy to your workouts? What IF you added plyometrics into your strength training? 

WHAT is plyometric training?  

Plyometric training is explosive compound movements done with either body weight or light loads.  Think about box jumps, squat jumps, burpees, etc. 

Plyometrics train the muscles to contract more rapidly and to explosively contract more muscles fibers each time you contract. Wikipedia describes it as “jump training or plyos…exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength)”.

HOW do plyometrics help build muscle?

Think about your body’s muscular system…you have two types of muscle fibers: fast twitch and slow twitch 

The fast-twitch fibers are the largest, strongest fibers in our body. They are trained through heavy lifting, anaerobic efforts, and explosive movements (think Olympic sprinter type of muscles).

The slow-twitch fibers  are typically geared toward endurance, and aren’t as high in absolute strength (envision long distance marathon runners).

Plyometric training focuses on increasing the strength of the fast-twitch fibers. What this means for you and training is that there is a greater recruitment of your body’s STRONGEST fibers which will lead to more speed and strength.

WHY does this help with ultimate fat loss?

The reason plyometrics go hand in hand with fat loss is because of the power and energy you have to use just to get the exercises complete. When performing a plyometric exercise, like a box jump or a squat jump, you are focusing on making the movements explosive and powerful.

When you do an exercise at this intensity for even 20-30 seconds, your body is working HARD to recruit the muscle fibers it needs to perform the movement. As we all know, the more energy you are using, the more calories are being burned, right?!?!

WHEN should you do plyometric training?

For losing body fat, you want to do the reps with no load if you are going for more repetitions or an increased amount of time. The reasoning for this is it will save the joints from suffering unnecessary pressure. Your goal is fat loss, not to jump higher than the latest NBA star going in for a rebound 😉 Granted, you’ll be keeping the intensity up while performing these so still give maximum effort BUT don’t put your body in jeapordy striving for goals that aren’t realistic to your lifestyle. 

If you want to get your muscles really firing during your workout, use contrast sets. Do a weighted regular lifting set and immediately following it up with the same movement BUT  plyometric-style and unloaded for the same number of reps.

Confused? Let me help you out! An example would be weighted squats for 10 reps then following it up with 10 reps of unweighted squat jumps. During the squat jumps (your plyometric move), the muscles of the legs will still fire as though they have your 10-rep max on your back which correlates to more energy being used, more calories being fired and more muscle being strengthened. BAM! Great part of fat loss right there!

No more wasting time! Get the MOST extreme fat burning results in LESS time!

Look, it’s a waste of time and energy to bust your tail at the in your workouts every day to build a ton of nonfunctional muscle. If you’re strong and have all this muscle mass, but don’t have the ability to run after your kids or jump out of the way of a ball coming toward your face, then what’s the point of wanting to get stronger?

Regardless of your goal, it’s always important to retain some form of athleticism when you’re consistent with your workouts.  Losing your mobility or not training to be explosive are common problems! That’s a HUGE reason why functional training and metabolic training are so effective…real workouts that help in the real world 😉 

If YOU want to experience some amazing results with incorporating plyometric movements into your workouts and get extreme fat loss…check out THE FAT LOSS PROJECT.  In just 30 minutes a day you can experience incredible results with fat loss AND increasing your real world mobility.

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