Be There


Be There.

2 words that were spoken at a funeral a couple of months ago that totally spoke to me.  So much so that I just could not  get them out of my head. I couldn’t get them off of my heart. And I couldn’t ignore this stirring I feel.


Be There.

I’m not good at it. I’m not good at being where I am and being absolutely 100% joyous with right where I am at all times.

I compare. I compare to those that have more than me…a better business, better health, happier appearance, more success, better car, bigger smile, less stress…the list goes on.

Be There.

I am ‘with’ my kids A LOT, a whole lot, I’m mean I’m a WAHM so I’m here a lot. But am REALLY here? No. I’m not. I have a million and one things in my head and lists for miles and to do’s that don’t quit and commitments that haunt me and my mind never stops. So sure I’m there but not REALLY.

Be There.

I love my husband more than anything on the face of this planet, he’s my absolute favorite person ever. But I’m 1) human and 2) a woman so therefore I know I don’t show it enough. I know that he leaves some days and I’m so dang irritated with the fact that his shoes are what I tripped over and his cup from the day before is still sitting out and the trash is overflowing and the list I had for him hasn’t made progress in months and I’m taking note of every single one of these so that I can store them until I totally blow up.

Be There.

I have faith. I believe. I have a relationship with the Lord and I love spending time in His word. But lately i have many days that other things take priority, that I say my prayers with the kids and that’s about all, that I think about my spiritual journey but have too much going on to focus on it.

Be There.

Why does it take a tragedy for us to be so incredibly grateful for our place in this world?

Why can’t we live every day with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy?

Why can’t we always be the best version of ourselves?

Why can’t we be more present with those we love and cherish?

Why can’t we give this life ALL we have?

Be There.

Think on it. How can YOU apply those 2 words to your life???

My hope and prayer is that this post will reach as many people as possible…Because this is the good stuff, this is the real stuff, this is the life changing stuff! Better than a before and after, better than a great recipe, better than a workout video…this is something that we ALL need. And even though the circumstances were not ideal, I was so blessed to hear those words today 


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