5 Strategies to Stay on Track with Fat Loss Eating

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I know, it’s not easy…nothing worth having long term is, let’s just be real 😉  But…


There IS a way to stay motivated to stay the course with Eating for Fat Loss.

As a virtual health and accountability coach, I help women find their perfect FAT LOSS lifestyle through personal metabolism strategies.

One piece of the lifestyle puzzle is staying the course with eating.  There’s so many factors that play into what ‘eating right’ looks like, and I totally get that. But when looking at BIG picture, if we aren’t finding a system to stay the course, we stop, we quit, we go back to old habits. And no one wants that, right?  None of us want to quit and go back to making choices that keep us further from our goals.  So finding that perfect solution that can give you a balance in life and still reach your goals is HUGE!!!

How do you stay motivated to eat right??? I mean it’s NOT easy, right?!?!But maybe these tips could help 🤷🏼‍♀️

Posted by My Think Fit on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Let’s look at 5 ways to stay motivated to keep eating for your goals…

1. MOTIVATION is internal, INSPIRATION is external

Motivation does not create action y’all.  I can’t look to others to motivate me and make me take action, and neither can you 😉 Motivation is something that comes from within, it’s that internal drive and push that you have. But what if you don’t have that? Does that mean you’re totally screwed? NOPE! Not at all!! That’s when you look to  sources for INSPIRATION. When you are inspired, you will have the motivation to stay the course.

MOTIVATION is the PUSH and yet inspiration is the PULL.

Realize what you REALLY want…when you can taste it and feel it to your core, THAT is your inner spirit leading you and you are internally inspired. When you hit that point, you will find it easier to be motivated to take action. Motivation can come and go, but inspiration is something deeper that will lead you to stay the course.

So figure out what motivates you!!!  What inspires you? When you determine those things, you WILL be able to stay the course and feel great doing so.

See, my purpose inspires me…making a difference in others, setting an example of lifestyle for my children. THAT inspires me.

The feeling I get from reaching goals motivates me…wearing a certain outfit, having sustained energy, gaining confidence.

So…what motivates YOU?!?!

2. Set a benchmark

What do you want to achieve? Have a long term vision and then set small benchmarks to reach along the way. Is it a feeling? A number? An outfit? Fitting into that summer bikini?

Maybe your vision is to lose 40 pounds so that you can go to the beach a year from now and be able to run and play and feel amazing in your bathing suit. AWESOME! But that won’t happen overnight, so how can we get there?

Set some benchmarks.

What can you achieve this month?
What about next month?
Where do you want to be in 3 months? 6 months? 9 months?

For me, when I FEEL great in a pair of jeans or an outfit, that gives me the kick I need to stay the course. If I feel crummy in an outfit, guess what? That doesn’t necessarily motivate me, lol..it actually can do the opposite for me and make me want to just binge and go crazy. Knowing that when I feel amazing at a certain weight or in a certain outfit or just when my energy and mood is where it needs to be…THAT gives me the push and motivation to keep going and make good choices 😉

3. Allow preemptive treats so binging is less likely

Yep, I plan them! And they are TREATS not CHEATS. You know what that is? MINDSET! Which we’ll touch on later 😉

By planning my treats, I look forward to them and it allows me to stay on track. So let’s say that I know we have a weekend get together…I’m going to make GREAT choices all week so that on the weekend when we have our party, I can indulge with absolutely ZERO guilt or regret. I PLAN it! Yes, I know that can’t always be planned, but as a rule of thumb, that’s what I do 😉

Maybe you want to plan a Sunday night pizza night with the kids…AWESOME! Make great choices for the days leading up to it.
Maybe you want to have birthday cake at your celebration…DO IT! Just make better choices while eating the meal.
Maybe you want to go out to drinks with the girls…ALWAYS DO THIS! I mean seriously, ALWAYS 😉 But for the day, eat as few starches as possible and let those drinks be your carbs.

Just plan those treats and you’ll be able to be more motivated to stay on track for the majority of the time!

4. Pick your Battles…perfectly imperfect

I’m perfectly imperfect y’all…there’s no such thing as being PERFECT in my book. I can’t eat perfectly 100% of the time, and I’m ok with that. So I pick my battles and am OK with not being perfect. Just like I touched on before with preemptive treats, that kind of goes hand in hand with this.

Let’s say I’m at a Mexican restaurant…I’m going to have a margarita (granted I do tequila with club soda and lime to forgo all the sugar but I ‘m still going to have a drink!). So I won’t eat the enchiladas, I’m going to get fajitas with extra veggies and not have the tortillas

Maybe I’m at a get together…I’m not going to eat the all of the chips and dip and burgers and beer. I’m going to eat the meat, load up on any veggies I can and then drink a beer.

I pick my battles!! If I want to indulge in food, I’ll probably forgo the adult beverages or at least limit them! If I want to indulge in a few drinks, I’m going to make better choices with my eating.

Realize that NO food is off limits…EVER. Sure there are some foods that your body won’t respond to as well (learning your personal metabolism is a huge part of this), and there are foods that will really boost your fat burning potential…but nothing is totally off limits. Get that thought

By just making better choices 80-90% of the time, I’m able to stay more motivated to stay the course for the long haul. Those times I have tried to be perfect, I inevitably fall off the wagon, make mistakes and then feel like a failure for not being all in. So why do that to myself? I know that if I pick my battles, I will come out winning in the long run…and so will you! Stop trying to be perfect…we are all perfectly imperfect just the way we are <3  Join our perfectly imperfect tribe of women HERE!!!

5. Mindset is KING

This can’t be stressed enough. In order to stay the course and be motivated in ANY area of life, it takes a mental shift to make it happen. Negative thinking will NEVER get you to your goals…your progress will be stumped and you’ll give up…it’s a vicious cycle. On the other hand, when you focus on the positives and when you look at all of the things you CAN do, all of the foods you CAN have, all of the events you CAN attend…things will change!!!

Just flipping the script on certain thoughts can make a world of difference. Just like changing the thought of ‘cheat meal’ to a ‘treat meal’…see how that has such a more positive connotation?? And thinking of all the foods on a list that you CAN eat that your body will respond so great to…why focus on the things that you CAN’T have??? And remember thing…NOTHING is off limits. Change how you view foods, focus on what FUELS your body and how you FEEL when you eat those things…that positive focus will leave you craving more of what your body flourishes with and you won’t even realize that you’re doing the hard stuff 😉



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