20 Minute Full Body Fat Blast

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Some days just call for a quick AT HOME workout…so if you have just 20 minutes, grab your weights and get to moving!!!

I help women find their perfect fat loss solution through personal metabolism strategies.

Some days are easier than others to make it to the gym, let’s just be real.  And yet sometimes we need that extra motivation so a gym setting is perfect!  There’s no right or wrong, you have to do what works best for YOU!!!  I was confined to the house for several days so the ONLY option for me was a home workout…so I busted out some full body movements that would blast fat FAST!

You’ll notice a couple of things if you try out this workout!

Compound Movements

Compound movements are super effective because you are using multiple muscle groups and joints in large range of motion.  This technique allows your body to lift MORE weight that you would in isolated movements AND you’re able to strengthen more muscles in less time.

I LOVE this style of lifting! I’m all about time effectiveness so give me a way to hit MORE body parts in LESS time and get BETTER results any day!!!

Elevated Heart Rate

When you’re targeting multiple muscle groups and once, it’s just natural that your heart rate will get elevated more than doing isolated movements.  By doing this, you’re able to squeeze in that ‘cardio’ while performing your strength training session.  So it’s the best of both worlds really 😉  Again, making the MOST our of your time and giving you the BEST results possible is the name of the game here!


So check out this 20 minute full body fat blast workout!!!  A full body metabolic strength training workout to give you strength training AND cardio all in one!

Not every day is amazing but when you can move, it’s a blessing so why not take advantage?!? .Fat Loss workout for the win today 👊🏻 I mean less than 30 minutes and I got in a full body metabolic strength workout AT HOME…weights AND cardio built into one ☝️ is kinda great 👍🏻 .✨4 ROUNDS✨10 One Leg Deadlift to Curl (alternate leg each round) 10 Sumo Squat to Upright Row10 Renegade Row to Hammer Curl10 Split Squat to Overhead Press (alternate leg each round) 10 Weighted Sit Ups 10 Russian Twists .Now time to put my mom hat on and go hang with the kids 😜 Gotta make the most of the good days y’all 🙌🏻 Make sure to tag me if you give this a try!!! And you can get a FULL month of workouts like this PLUS nutritional guidance and MORE through my Fat Loss Project program 😉 I’ll share the link in comments so you can check it out 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻#teamtuman

Posted by My Think Fit on Monday, July 23, 2018


10 One Leg Deadlift to Curl (alternate leg each round)
10 Sumo Squat to Upright Row
10 Renegade Row to Hammer Curl
10 Split Squat to Overhead Press (alternate leg each round)
10 Weighted Sit Ups
10 Russian Twists


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At home workouts are SO helpful right now!!! I am SO thankful that I  have practiced at home workouts for the past

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