10 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results

Losing weight is not easy, no one ever claimed it was.  I mean if this was a simple process, think of how healthy we would be…not to mention all the 6 packs that would be walking around, lol!  But it takes WORK and it takes a little bit of learning what works and what doesn’t for YOU.  So here’s a list of 10 things that might be hindering your progress and a few tips on how to combat them.

Take a look and see which ones might apply to you:

  1. Not getting the rest your body needs
  2. Cardio Junkie
  3. Not eating enough fibrous veggies
  4. Eat your protein…all kinds
  5. Fat loss or fat storage?  Fuel your body!
  6. Lacking in water intake
  7. Mindless snacking…we all do it
  8. Spot training in your workouts
  9. Not having a plan
  10. Letting your mind get in the way

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