The Aftermath

I had my first chemo treatment on a Thursday…it was scheduled on that day intentionally. I was told that the effects would hit me about 24 hours later. Then it would take need a couple of days to rest and recover before I would bounce back.  So if I had chemo on Thursday I should […]

The Time Had Come…

July 12, 2018…this was the day.  That Thursday would be my first chemo treatment and my PET scan.  As I woke up and did my daily routine, we found a huge yard sign waiting for us in the yard.  #TeamTuman as big as life…once again feeling the love and the strength of others as we were […]

The Waiting Game

Waiting…that’s the name of the game.  You show me ONE person who loves a waiting game and I would be SHOCKED.  But that’s what entailed over the next week…a lot of silence and a lot of waiting.  In the whole scheme of things I  was so dang lucky though!  The quickness of this whole mess […]

The Phone Call We Had Been Waiting for

June 25, 2018… It had only been like 3 days since the start of this but it was the LONGEST 3 days of my life. The hubby and I drove to Dallas for our early morning needle biopsy appointment.  Holy MOLY that is not for the weak, lol!!! I mean they stick the longest needle […]

My Life Would Change in Ways I Never Knew…

June 21, 2018…38 years old with a 9 year old, 6 year old and 1 year old…married for almost 13 years.  If you’ve followed me for any time or been getting these emails for long, you know the story 😉 My friend had told me how gross it was to be showering with a loofah…it […]


A KEY ELEMENT TO BURNING MORE FAT WHAT we do for our workouts and WHAT we eat is super important…those 2 items are a huge part of the fat loss equation.  But what if I told you that you can burn more fat? What if there was even MORE to it?  That maybe that’s only half […]


Adding Plyometric moves to your strength training routine can lead to more extreme fat loss and better results… Let’s check out one super effective fat burning strategy!  A big part of fat loss is also building lean muscle.  No, don’t freak out, I’m not talking about big buff muscles, you have to EAT for that!  […]

Sleep More to Burn More Fat


I help women find their perfect fat loss solutions through personal metabolism strategies A KEY strategy to fat loss is SLEEP!!!  Wait, what?!?! How can you burn fat while sleeping?!!? Don’t  you need to spend 24 hours working out and counting calories?!?!  Not hardly!  Let’s talk about WHY sleep deprivation might be keeping you from […]

How to Simplify Intermittent Fasting for Your Busy Lifestyle

I  hope you find this article helpful to learn more about Intermittent Fasting for your busy lifestyle.   We are all ‘busy’ these days, I  mean it almost seems as if there’s clout for who stays the ‘busiest’.  Did you know that we actually get a rush of dopamine when we are ‘busy’?   There […]