Next Chemo On Board

Does it seem like it this just keeps going on and on?!?! And that it’s just the same song and dance over and over?!? I get it… “It was a fairly depressing month…great because no chemo from September 10 to November 30 BUT I  have been an emotional wreck.  I miss my life the way it […]

Talk About Scary!!!

FAIR WARNING…I am going to be sharing some not so appealing images. So if it bothers you, PLEASE know that it’s coming. I went back and forth on if I should share this or not…and in the end decided I wanted to. My reasoning behind doing this series is to create awareness…we don’t know what […]

Happy to be Home!

I got discharged from the hospital on Wednesday with a heavy dose of steroids in hand…but it was so good to be home!!! However, something was off, just different. Emotionally, I just couldn’t be around people. There were times I would just hide out in my room, not wanting to come out and face others. I […]

The Worst Was Yet to Come

The first of 12 Taxol treatments had happened on a Monday.  The first two days after infusion were great…maybe I was still all hopped up on the steroids, but I felt good.  Until I didn’t.   I  got super achy, would be freezing cold and then hot, had terrible headaches and just flat out EXHAUSTED!  Ugh, when […]

New Chemo Coming On Board!

I suddenly felt like I had a cold coming on.  You know how that feels…you start to feel the drainage then get tired and then comes the congestion.  Amplify all of that just a bit, and by that night,  I felt like a truck came and just slammed right into me.  I remember the day clearly because […]

The Red Devil Continued…

They say you never forget a number.  17 was mine.  Day 17 after my first treatment is when the clippers came out and we shaved my head.  Several family members had been down for the weekend and it was great!  I was feeling good and got to spend some great time with some of those closest […]

The Aftermath

I had my first chemo treatment on a Thursday…it was scheduled on that day intentionally. I was told that the effects would hit me about 24 hours later. Then it would take need a couple of days to rest and recover before I would bounce back.  So if I had chemo on Thursday I should […]

The Time Had Come…

July 12, 2018…this was the day.  That Thursday would be my first chemo treatment and my PET scan.  As I woke up and did my daily routine, we found a huge yard sign waiting for us in the yard.  #TeamTuman as big as life…once again feeling the love and the strength of others as we were […]

The Waiting Game

Waiting…that’s the name of the game.  You show me ONE person who loves a waiting game and I would be SHOCKED.  But that’s what entailed over the next week…a lot of silence and a lot of waiting.  In the whole scheme of things I  was so dang lucky though!  The quickness of this whole mess […]